The Nurses Were Wrong

A few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked on Baby AJ, and I noticed I couldn’t hear his adorable little snore that I normally hear while he is asleep. I think it’s adorable right now. If he’s like me, someday he’ll have a college roommate that tries desperately to fall asleep before him, because the roommate knows once the snoring starts, falling asleep will be impossible. Then the roommate will have to resort to throwing things at him to wake him up and immediately start the race again. Continue reading “The Nurses Were Wrong”


Be Authentic

In a moment of sheer emotion for me, last night I unleashed a rant about how hard life can be to our children.  I told them about all the times I had been hurt, lied to and abused.  I teared up a little (maybe), my wife cried, they cried, and the 1 year-old laughed.  Sometimes he seems a little clueless. Continue reading “Be Authentic”

My Kid’s Attitude Is My Fault

Of the four children I have the privilege of raising, I bump heads with one the most. For some reason, it seems like we have the most arguments or disagreements.

I was recently re-reading Have a New Kid by Friday, and came across this:

Who do you butt heads with the most in your family? Is that child the most like you or the least like you? The answer, in all probability, is the child who is the most like you. Kids who sport attitudes have parents who sport attitudes. Attitudes are caught, not taught.

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Blended Family Survival Guide

My wife and I were talking recently about some friends that are getting married soon. They, too, will have a blended family. She said that the husband-to-be said he had been looking online for blended family tips, and everything he found talked about how small their chance of success was due to all the extra obstacles you will face as a blended family.

Melissa and I have only been married for a little over two years. And in those couple of years, I have picked up a few things about starting a blended family.

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I’ve found myself, lately, wanting a mentor.

So much of my days are spent either working (I’m in a sales position) or leading my family.  I am also getting to participate in some volunteer leadership at my church.  My point is that I get to give a lot of advice.  Some of it is good.

But who do I go to when I’m in a tough spot?  When I’m questioning how to handle my family responsibilities and at the same time make sure I’m excelling in my career, who do I turn to?

The good news is that as far as leadership goes, I’m a low-middle leader at best.  Meaning that there are many people above me in almost every area, except my home, where there’s only One.

So I did something that, in hindsight, was probably a little unwise.  I went on Facebook and asked the whole world if anybody wanted to be my mentor.  It turns out that a lot of people want to mentor me.  Some of them I’m excited about.  Some of them… I’m less excited about.

But as it turns out, if you want some help with accountability and discipleship, there are a ton of people in your local church that will help.  Just walk up to them and ask.

Could you use a mentor?