Mixed Priorities

I always amaze myself – in a negative way – with how easily I can get consumed by something that shouldn’t consume me. A 13-3 Dallas Cowboys season (R.I.P.). A presidential election. Twitter debates.

I know there’s nothing wrong with participating in those things. It’s my emotional reaction that concerns me. Why should I care what some person I’ve never met before says within 140 characters? I shouldn’t. Yet I find myself angry with perfect strangers. Or upset because some guy in his 20′s didn’t handle his “sportsing” the way I would have liked.

I pray that I do better. And that I focus on more important things. Like sharing the gospel. Taking care of the orphan and widow (James 1:27). Loving my family. Loving my neighbor. Things that matter.


Author: Oscar S.

My name is Oscar. I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, and I have four amazing children.

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