I Don’t Want to be a Christian Atheist Anymore

It is common belief that if I include God in my day-to-day conversations, I am going to offend people.  Apparently, if I mention Jesus to somebody that is not incline to follow Jesus, they will find the mentioning of an important part of my life to be “intrusive” or “in your face.”  Somehow, we have become convinced that the least offensive way to operate in life is to operate in atheism.

If people leave God out of their conversation, I am not allowed to be offended by that.  If a friend walks up to me and says, “Wow, Mother Nature sure is angry at us,” in response to some crazy downpours we have, it would be strange for me to reply, “You’re seriously going to throw in my face that you don’t acknowledge the Creator of the Universe?!”

On the other side of this, if I were to walk in to a restaurant on a beautiful day and proclaim, “Wow, God sure is showing off today,” I would be in danger of being confrontational with my faith.  “Stop shoving God down my throat,” people would say.  Or the ever-so-common, “Oh cool, you believe in fairy tales.”

So like a good pacifist, I go through life leaving mentions of God for church and when I’m among family or other Christians, never reminding those that are lost (or maybe aren’t lost but we’re both so scared of offending others that we don’t even realize our spiritual brotherhood) of the greatness and glory of our Heavenly Father.

I say enough is enough.  I will be attempting to change my mindset from a default of atheism to a default of Christianity.  It makes sense, you know, being a Christian and all.  When people ask how I am, they will hear of God’s blessings rather than whether or not the baby let me sleep last night.  When people ask about work, they will hear about how God is gracious and opening doors with coworkers and customers rather than profit and loss.  When people ask about my family, they will hear about their spiritual walk and growth rather than their grades..  After all, what’s more important: what we did on vacation last month or the presence of God in our lives?



Author: Oscar S.

My name is Oscar. I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, and I have four amazing children.

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