God’s Rules & Reason

In an interview with Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro was asked about his views on same-sex marriage. Shapiro is an orthodox Jew, so our theology is not the same. He made his argument, and Rubin seemed to question that Shapiro wasn’t using biblical quotations as his reasoning. Shapiro said that he felt the need to think through his biblical positions beyond just quoting Bible verses.  He said:

“As a religious person, I believe that God didn’t create stupid rules.”

As a Christian, this has challenged me. It hasn’t made me reconsider my faith, but how I present my positions. Using the example of same-sex marriage, yes, Leviticus 18 does speak against homosexuality. The question, then, is why?

And this should challenge all of us Christians. I absolutely believe in the authority of the Bible. But when we are talking to non-religious people, we should not just throw those verses out to prove our point. If you are going to argue against abortion, quoting a verse from Psalms does nothing for an atheist.

The obvious exception to this is the gospel. You need to add nothing to the gospel in order for men and women to be saved. Just proclaim the gospel, which has the power to save.

In other areas though, social issues, be ready to give a defense beyond “God said so.”



Author: Oscar S.

My name is Oscar. I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, and I have four amazing children.

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