Focus in 2013

Happy new year
Happy new year (Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde)

Recently, I heard Peter Bregman on the Entreleadership podcast.  He talked about not setting goals for 2013, but instead to decide on areas of your life to focus on.  He has a lot more details in his blog entry, “Consider Not Setting Goals in 2013.”

This idea resonated with me.  So, here are my areas that I will be focusing on in 2013.

Nurture my relationship with my fiancé/wife and the girls.  As I write this, I am not married; however, my wedding is only a couple days away.  Every day, I will intentionally nurture these relationships.

Spiritual life.  I strongly feel that I have a calling to pursue a ministerial career.  In order to do this, I’ll need to focus on my spiritual walk, and look for opportunities to practice the art of ministering to others where I am now.

Improve my health.  For years, I worked at my previous employer, putting in tons of hours, and ignoring my own well-being.  This has resulted in some health issues that can be fixed with proper diet and exercise.

Grow in industry knowledge.  A few months ago, I started a new career in an industry that I am unfamiliar with.  The company hired me based solely on sales skills, and a recommendation from my fiancé.  In order to succeed, though, I’ll need to spend a little time every day learning more about this industry.

Improve our finances.  My fiancé has made it very clear that I will be the CEO of our family, whether I like it or not.  I will be making sure that I look at our finances daily, as well as look for opportunities for extra income through entrepreneurship.

The great thing about these focuses is that there is no potential to lose or fail.  For example, my focus is to improve health, not to lose 50 pounds.  Any improvement is a win, and, if I focus on it every day, success is bound to happen.

For more information about this plan, including the source, Peter Bregman’s new book, 18 Minutes, click HERE.


Author: Oscar S.

My name is Oscar. I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, and I have four amazing children.

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