Mixed Priorities

I always amaze myself – in a negative way – with how easily I can get consumed by something that shouldn’t consume me. A 13-3 Dallas Cowboys season (R.I.P.). A presidential election. Twitter debates.

I know there’s nothing wrong with participating in those things. It’s my emotional reaction that concerns me. Why should I care what some person I’ve never met before says within 140 characters? I shouldn’t. Yet I find myself angry with perfect strangers. Or upset because some guy in his 20′s didn’t handle his “sportsing” the way I would have liked.

I pray that I do better. And that I focus on more important things. Like sharing the gospel. Taking care of the orphan and widow (James 1:27). Loving my family. Loving my neighbor. Things that matter.


Happy Birthday, Great Grandma

My great-grandmother passed away a few hours ago. Today was her 104th birthday.

When I first got the phone call, my immediate concern was for my mother, who was especially close to her.  After I finished that phone call, I spent some time reflecting on my experience with my great-grandmother. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Great Grandma”

I Don’t Want to be a Christian Atheist Anymore

It is common belief that if I include God in my day-to-day conversations, I am going to offend people.  Apparently, if I mention Jesus to somebody that is not incline to follow Jesus, they will find the mentioning of an important part of my life to be “intrusive” or “in your face.”  Somehow, we have become convinced that the least offensive way to operate in life is to operate in atheism.

If people leave God out of their conversation, I am not allowed to be offended by that.  If a friend walks up to me and says, “Wow, Mother Nature sure is angry at us,” in response to some crazy downpours we have, it would be strange for me to reply, “You’re seriously going to throw in my face that you don’t acknowledge the Creator of the Universe?!” Continue reading “I Don’t Want to be a Christian Atheist Anymore”

God’s Rules & Reason

In an interview with Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro was asked about his views on same-sex marriage. Shapiro is an orthodox Jew, so our theology is not the same. He made his argument, and Rubin seemed to question that Shapiro wasn’t using biblical quotations as his reasoning. Shapiro said that he felt the need to think through his biblical positions beyond just quoting Bible verses.  He said:

“As a religious person, I believe that God didn’t create stupid rules.”

Continue reading “God’s Rules & Reason”

The Nurses Were Wrong

A few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked on Baby AJ, and I noticed I couldn’t hear his adorable little snore that I normally hear while he is asleep. I think it’s adorable right now. If he’s like me, someday he’ll have a college roommate that tries desperately to fall asleep before him, because the roommate knows once the snoring starts, falling asleep will be impossible. Then the roommate will have to resort to throwing things at him to wake him up and immediately start the race again. Continue reading “The Nurses Were Wrong”

My Kid’s Attitude Is My Fault

Of the four children I have the privilege of raising, I bump heads with one the most. For some reason, it seems like we have the most arguments or disagreements.

I was recently re-reading Have a New Kid by Friday, and came across this:

Who do you butt heads with the most in your family? Is that child the most like you or the least like you? The answer, in all probability, is the child who is the most like you. Kids who sport attitudes have parents who sport attitudes. Attitudes are caught, not taught.

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